Breaking News Clip(pers)pings

In an unexpected turn of events, a Wahl deluxe pro clipper went rogue today and butchered a patch of very well looked after hair on a slightly unruly head. The massacre resulted in a bald patch within a number three fade that was expected to transition to a number two fade. The incident occurred on a salon chair at one of the Toni & Guy salons under the care of their senior stylist Daniel (name changed).

The incident occurred when the victim accidentally sneezed. The transgression caused a great disruption to an otherwise smooth haircut. The occurrence earned the full attention of the witnesses and resulted in great uproar, as a consequence of the outrage, the use of clippers was temporarily suspended. The patrons were requested to be careful and interrupt their stylists if they needed to sneeze.

The victim burst out laughing on the bald patch. The witnesses were scared and unsure if the victim was having a psychotic break or not. This outburst resulted in great unease of the witnesses in proximity of the victim. Daniel, the stylist, was prepared to contain the situation and call the paramedics. However, the victim was a strong person and told everyone,

“It was okay. No, seriously, I am okay. I am sure Dan can fix this. People, I am fine.”

This exposition from the victim diffused the tension of the situation. Everyone had a little laugh and the victim received a good ribbing for the missing hair, which the victim took in his stride.

Daniel proposed that they go shorter and that the fade can be changed to a number two fade transitioning to a number one fade, instead of the desired three to two fade. Tensions were high as the victim contemplated the repercussions of the proposal.

Once again, the crisis was averted when the good-natured victim happily accepted the proposed solution without any complaints or grievous mention of the incident, only except for in humorous context.

More to details are expected to be reported as the situation develops.


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